Alison Smith-Welsh  "Untitled"
Alison Smith-Welsh  "Untitled"
Alison Smith-Welsh  "Untitled"

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Alison Smith-Welsh "Untitled"

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Alison Smith-Welsh
assemblage on board - wall based
16X16X8 in.

Provenance: Directly from the artist's studio, owned by the gallery.

Alison Smith-Welsh is an Ottawa artist  who fabricates her fabulous metal assemblages by reusing and reinventing uses for discarded materials which she obsessively collects.  Alison Smith-Welsh will first draw you in with whimsy, then impress and entertain you with her astonishing mechanical skill, her gimlet eye and a sense of humour that is at once full of irony, wit and intelligence. Smith-Welsh creates modern, even futuristic sculptures out of materials and items that the viewer will find familiar and nostalgic, then torques them with a twist that is appealing, amusing and thought-provoking.