Mary Wong "Slippery Slope"
Mary Wong "Slippery Slope"

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Mary Wong "Slippery Slope"

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Mary Wong
oil on canvas
12X12 in.
Provenance: Directly from the artist's studio, owned by the gallery.

Abstract artist Mary Wong wields both brush and palette knife with skill and intuition to create oil paintings that are both beautiful and sublime. “Mary Wong brings to mind the palette knife work of great Canadian “Automatists” like Riopelle and Borduas. Her paintings are evocative, and richly textured by sculpting oil paint onto the surface of the canvas to create beautifully complex and intertwined layers of colour."

Wong’s work unveils a candid tale of her personal search for truth, awareness and honesty in her fight for self-preservation. Her work explores tumultuous chaos as well as the flickering glow of hope."My paintings pull at the viewer to enter these contemplative spaces and become lost among cascading depths of colour and emotion," she says.

Wong has had numerous sold out shows in Toronto as her work continues to be collected across Canada and the US. She continues to garner much recognition for her work as an emerging artist. She won an Ontario Emerging Artist Grant in 2009, and an Emerging Artist Exhibition Grant in 2011