Leaping Cottontail (Brown and Black)
Leaping Cottontail (Brown and Black)

Russell Yuristy

Leaping Cottontail (Brown and Black)

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Trial Proof
17X25 in.
This piece is unframed.

"I inked it in black then experimented with wiping some brown on.  Only did 5 of these. Jack rabbits and Bush rabbits (Cottontail) were on our farm in Saskatchewan. I've always admired Jack rabbits for their speed, and Bush rabbits for their ability to hide and be still. Bush rabbits are very good to eat in summer or fall. I don't eat them any more, partly from guilt. In this picture I wanted to show how beautifully these animals move. When they scoot, they are up in the air quite a bit."  RY

“As a maker of images Russell Yuristy is an illusionist, a magician of form who often looks to the fauna and flora of nature for his inspiration. Living in Ottawa, Yuristy turns to his immediate surroundings....The artist’s familiars are found here as well, for every magician must have at least one. For what else are those hares, those owls, those wolves that lurk at every corner of Yuristy’s studio? ... a talented and versatile artist, he is able to look beyond appearances and turn the seemingly banal into memorable images that remind us of our humanity and our links to an increasingly threatened natural environment. “

2008 Anna Babinska