For Autumn
For Autumn

Clara Kim

For Autumn

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36X36 in
acrylic on canvas  (unframed)

"Mom and I always planted sunflowers in the spring. We ate lightly toasted sunflower seeds as a snack in the winter and added them to our food, but most of all we loved feeding the pretty little birds fresh sunflower seeds. Sunflowers fill my memories about my childhood."

엄마와 나는 봄에 꼭 해바라기를 심었었다. 겨울에 살짝 구운 해바라기씨를 간식으로 먹기도 했고 음식에 넣기도 했지만, 그무엇보다도 우린 예쁜 작은 새들에게 신선한 해바라기 씨를 모이로 주는 걸 가장 좋아했다. 따뜻한 추억이 담긴 해바라기.

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