Time For a Change Series #2 (ces africains)
Time For a Change Series #2 (ces africains)

Hawa Kaba

Time For a Change Series #2 (ces africains)

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found paper and acrylic on canvas
36 X 24 in

"This series has been painted together. My reaction to all of the thunder in the news today, the way I am feeling about myself and my children. When I am looking at TV lately, this is a reaction. 

Two things strike me in this painting "ces africains" a picture from France. The one on the top and the one on the bottom are pictures where black people are fighting to secure white peoples life really. We are a culture of oral history, we have a song passed down in our culture " we fought for the Toubabe (Whites) in the first world war and lost people, people died for this cause." The middle picture depicts the Americans version of the same fight. And after all that we still couldn't get our freedom from them."  H. K.