Gerald Trottier "Untitled"
Gerald Trottier "Untitled"

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Gerald Trottier "Untitled"

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watercolour on paper
5X5 in

Trottier’s diverse creative interests and influences result in a rare, accomplished hybrid of painter, drawer, muralist, sculptor and liturgical artist whose oeuvre ranges widely: watercolours, oil painting, acrylic, pen and ink, crayon, charcoal, pastel, lithograph, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture and the design of six Canadian postage stamps. Trottier’s work is noteworthy for his powerful, unflinching self-portraits, spectacular compositions, lush landscapes and superb draughtsmanship reflecting his studies of the Flemish, Surrealist and Expressionist schools.

His work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions, competitions, solo and group shows. It is also held in many public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Carleton University, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

"Gerald was well known for his portraiture and self-portraits. Brenda Wallace, curator for the 2002 Ottawa Art Gallery’s Trottier’s Self-Portraits exhibition said they were 'a means to investigate particular states of his own mind.'  D.T.