Alfred G Villeneuve "Untitled" Algonquin Park
Alfred G Villeneuve "Untitled" Algonquin Park

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Alfred G Villeneuve "Untitled" Algonquin Park

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Alfred G Villeneuve
acrylic on canvas

Provenance: Owned by the gallery.

Alfred G. Villeneuve was born in Barry's Bay, Ontario near Algonquin Park. Alfred's introspective reflections on his Algonkin, French and Polish bloodlines and his autodidactic approach to the study of Art History has given him the freedom to explore, to find his own voice and eventually discover a painterly language he has named , "Algonkin Mosaic". This core expression is a result of the divination between his father's Algonkian-French cultures and traditions, and his mother's hardworking Polish-Kashub heritage in which Catholicism was central in teaching and disciplines.