Maurice Haycock "Untitled" (Village Quebec)
Maurice Haycock "Untitled" (Village Quebec)

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Maurice Haycock "Untitled" (Village Quebec)

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Maurice Hall Haycock (1900-1988)
oil on panel
16 X 20 in.

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Provenance: Directly from the artist's studio, owned by Kathy Haycock (daughter) Eganville, Ont. Maurice Haycock was an Ottawa artist who painted regularly with A.Y. Jackson of the Group of Seven. He was also a professional geologist/mineralogist.

"Circa 1946, this is a village along the North Shore St. Lawrence, in Charlevoix country. I personally think it could be St Hilarion. Even though this is what it was like almost 80 years ago it should be recognizable. It would have been from a spring painting trip with A. Y. Jackson, perhaps with Randolph Hewton as well. They painted this country together in the 1940's. Maurice used 8x10 inch panels on those sketching trips so I think this 16x20 panel must have been painted after he returned home. He must have still been so excited about the country that he just kept painting, likely using a pencil drawing he would have completed onsite for reference."   Kathy Haycock 2020