Charles Pachter “Invocation”
Charles Pachter “Invocation”

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Charles Pachter “Invocation”

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Lithograph on paper  28X22 in.
(First Run #8 of 18)

Framed by the collector
Provenance: Purchased directly from the artist in 1968 by the collector.

Charles Pachter (b. 1942)  Eminent Canadian artist Charles Pachter is a painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, historian, storyteller and lecturer. He studied art history at the University of Toronto, French literature at the Sorbonne and painting and graphics at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Patcher’s iconic and quintessentially Canadian work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum and the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, ON. His images of the Queen, moose, and maple leaf flag are icons of Canadian contemporary art. Pachter’s steel and granite moose sculptures have been installed across Canada while his paintings hang in the Portrait Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Embassy in Washington, Canada House in London, Parliament in Ottawa, the Prime Minister’s residence, and the Embassy of France in Ottawa.

Invocation is a rare early work that exemplifies Patcher’s absolute mastery of the lithographic form. Note the beauty and sensitivity of this piece from the late 60s. And Invocation – a summoning or a prayer, the action of invoking something or someone for solace  – is as timely today as it was when first  created by this talented artist.