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Dennis Tourbin (1946 - 1998)
acrylic on paper
40 X 27 in.
Framed by Patrick Gordon Framing
Provenance: Directly purchased from the artist's estate, owned by the gallery.

"I have always loved Dennis's Lure series. While he was more well known for the Oct. Crisis works - I have a special affinity to the fishing themes that I know he personally loved. He was a fixture in our neighborhood when I had just arrived 25 years ago, and he supported and encouraged my fledgling curatorial career. I am lucky to have known him the little I did." Don Monet
Dennis Tourbin was a painter, poet, performance artist, novelist, poetry magazine publisher, and arts activist. His art blended the colourful stylistic influences of American pop art with the nationalist concerns of Canadian regionalism. His best known works address the October Crisis of 1970. He played a part in the cultural explosion of late 1960s southwestern Ontario. He was a founding member of the Niagara Artists Company and Artspace, and a spokesperson for Canadian Artists Representation Ontario. In 1982, Tourbin spent a year in Paris as artist-in-residence at the Canada Council’s Paris studio. Here, he embraced new visual imagery in his characteristic collage style. (National Gallery of Canada)