Self Portrait with Red Tie
Self Portrait with Red Tie
Self Portrait with Red Tie

Gerald Trottier

Self Portrait with Red Tie

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acrylic on paper
18 X 13 in.
This piece is framed by the artist.

Gerald Trottier was always seeking the inner meaning, the essence of his subjects—even when he was staring in a mirror, trying to evoke his own self-portrait. What was behind that face, that person, symbol or scene? It was never what the surface revealed, but some deeper, hidden truth or emotion.

"Gerald was well known for his portraiture and self-portraits. Brenda Wallace, curator for the 2002 Ottawa Art Gallery’s Trottier’s Self-Portraits exhibition said they were 'a means to investigate particular states of his own mind.'  D.T.

Note: The artwork is framed by the artist with glass on the back to show an artwork in verso with the inscription “Life Giving Water”. It appears to be a study for a maquette of a stained glass window. (see picture below)