The Easter Tree
The Easter Tree

Gerald Trottier

The Easter Tree

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acrylic on board
25 X 18 in.
This piece is unframed.

"Trees form an important subject in Gerald’s works from his landscapes to the later Easter Series. In 2007, Sandra Dyck, Director of the Carleton University Gallery wrote an award winning catalogue for a major Retrospective on Trottier, called "A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Life and Art of Gerald Trottier". In that book, she says, 'and in the Easter Series, which is an imaginary microcosm of Trottier’s journey, the tree is a crucial, and very Christian symbol. In the jubilant paintings…it is lush and green – the tree of life, provider of shade'. However, other depictions of the Easter trees are less joyful and are even depicted as instruments of death."  D.T.