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Art for Easter

Easter is a time to celebrate spring, renewal and rejuvenation. You will find all of that – along with bunnies, eggs, flowers and beautiful depictions of food to feast your winter weary eyes upon Cube’s online gallery. Cube invites you to peruse our Easter collection of works by acclaimed artists including Gerald Trottier for whom Easter was a deeply meaningful event;  Russell Yuristy’s beloved, playful rabbit prints and Hawa Kaba’s thought provoking collages. We are also honoured to have the lavishly compelling abstracts by Susan Ukkola; Lisa Baldwin’s uplifting fields of flowers and trees and Ken Ryan’s finely rendered depictions of pastoral life, along with many other works by our talented roster of artists. This year, celebrate Easter by supporting...

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Great BIG smalls 16 years old!

Well it’s finally here. After a many weeks of work the 16th annual great big smalls show has arrived. Seems like I’ve been been tied to this computer for far too long. I had to compile 60 different pages of art. Fix the colour and size for each piece, as well as create fake hangings and other details for each piece. But it was all worth it, because I think it looks great to me. What you see when you visit are some of the greatest pieces of small art available in Ottawa today. And of course it’s a chance to help foster your local art and cultural community. Which of course has been hit pretty hard by this damn...

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A new online presence for Cube Gallery

Pre COVID-19, Becky and I had already decided we wanted to segue from running the 7 days a week, bricks and mortar Cube to an online gallery. For almost 15 years, I truly loved the operations and daily interactions at the old Cube in Ottawa’s Wellington West Village. But we were ready for a change.  features a virtual gallery for online sales of an always fabulous roster of artists, while continuing to mount in-person exhibitions and promote other arts events, cultural gatherings and lectures. I will also still offer my own professional services as an instructor, curator and basic art restoration. I am also going to spend more time on my own artistic practice. I have a studio space at Britannia...

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