Cube Is Back!

Welcome to the new online Cube Gallery. Thanks for being here! We are ready for our official launch day Sunday May 17, 2020. We are using this first week as a "soft opening". We have invited friends of the gallery, patrons and colleagues to have a look and see what they think. We welcome feedback. In the coming months we will add some actual live events. (However those may look like in our uncertain future). We also look forward to offering more art on this growing site as well. Special thanks to Adam Hollett for his patient help in the coding and design for this site. Becky Rynor, as usual, cleaned up my bad prose and mistakes across this site. Except for this Blog. All of the mistakes and folksy tones here are on me.

It’s good to be back. A bunch of us have been working on this site since well before the Covid-19 days began. I had even booked a live exhibition to help to launch this website for the Fritzy gallery in June and July. Of course these strange days intervened. Pandemic be damned, we are still planning face-to-face interventions and many alternative shows around Ottawa in the future. We will adjust and go on.

I must say, it feels good to be back in the saddle, curating some fabulous artists and thinking about what we can do next. As this new reality makes itself solid, the question is how can we pursue art in the future? I foresee interventions in unusual spaces as a way forward. Let's be positive as we watch and act as this situation evolves and we find ourselves in a post Covid world.

Shelter Well! Stay Safe! Be Alert!

Don, May 12, 2020