Cube Gallery

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Tuesday March 6th, 2018 to
Sunday April 1st, 2018


Sun Mar 11th, 2018 — 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


John Tenasco, Susan Ukkola and Cynthia O’Brien bring together three unique practices to create a strikingly cohesive cluster of art. 

Cube is honoured to feature the work of painters John Tenasco, Sue Ukkola and sculptor Cynthia O’Brien in this eclectic tribute to contemporary art.

The work of Algonquin artist John Tenasco hovers in a space between abstraction and realism. Themes of impermanence and the instability of the image inform his practice. Tenasco's work contains numerous influences from other artists, philosophy, poetry and music. He earned a D.E.C. at Heritage College and a B.F.A at the University of Ottawa. John has been awarded the Jaqueline Fry Memorial Scholarship as well as the Suzanne Rivard-Lemoyne Prize.

Susan Ukkola's abstracts involve fusing a thick, translucent layer of beeswax to a milk paint-primed panel. She then scrapes away some areas to reveal underlying nuances, scars or "beauty marks," which she often enhances with collage. Her transparent layers of encaustic paintings reveal traces of what went before, the pentimento. The ability to see through, to reveal cuts and scrapes – good and bad – parallels the complexity and beauty of life and relationships.

Celebrated ceramic sculptor Cynthia O’Brien uses personal relationships as the starting point for her oeuvre, working through a range of emotions using the language of clay, likening her material to sculpting with another being. Conversations between maker and material converse through each touch to create line, form and movement. O’Brien turns these conversations into sculptural pieces, installations and performance work that ask maker and viewer to be fully engaged, emotionally and physically.