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Kathy M Haycock

Tuesday April 26th, 2016 to
Sunday May 29th, 2016


Sun May 1st, 2016 — 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Just beyond the limits of one landscape lies another world.
The place where environments meet holds a special fascination. Animals, plants, geography, weather, time are all in transition. The edge of change is dynamic.
Kathy Haycock's favourite landscapes to paint are along the edge, just beyond the limits. She thinks of it as painting at "the magical edge".  In this exhibition she explores that edge:   glaciers flowing from the icecap; the limit of the treeline; a quiet swamp or the edge of a pond; the forest edge where light dances in the dark, a weather front of glorious clearing or threatening storm. And of course the edge of wilderness--over the next mountain, beyond the last road, where the natural world still reigns.