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Black & White

Tuesday July 29th, 2014 to
Sunday August 31st, 2014


Thu Aug 7th, 2014 — 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Black and white are the earliest, most basic elements of art. Eighteen thousand years ago our cousins, the Paleolithic artists, used charcoal black on the cave walls of Lascaux in France. White is the mixture of all colours of light together.

We often associate black & white with good and bad, this or that, right or wrong. Eighteen artists explore and celebrate what Black & White means to them in this mixed media show at Cube Gallery.

Group show featuring -

Adrienne Herron, Carol Grant, Denisa Prochazka, François Cambe, Isabella Di Sclafani, Joejene C. Santos,  Josée Prud'homme, Katherine McNenly, Keith Bell, MaryAnn Camps, Mahshid Farhoudi, Michael Kinghorn, Norman Takeuchi, Peter Dolan, Robert Davis, Ruth Dick, Steve Perry, Tim Watts, Whitney Lewis-Smith, Zainab Hussain and Robin Burgener