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Town and Country

Tuesday October 15th, 2013 to
Sunday November 3rd, 2013


Sun Oct 20th, 2013 — 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Two artists explore country life and city life.  John Jarrett and Doug Cosbie lovingly capture those places in Ottawa and the  surrounding valley that are rich with memories of family, vacations, the  beautiful routines of everyday life. From the lush Ontario summer to the  snow-capped neighbourhoods of our winters, these two talented artists reflect  on familiar, yet cherished, land- and cityscapes.

John Jarrett paints in a precise and devoted manner, depicting Ottawa’s vintage  neighbourhoods, it's green spaces and incomparable rivers. He also frequently  paints in the Gatineau Hills and the rural areas around the city.  Having  lived most of his life in Ottawa, John's fondness for the city and its  environs is reflected in his paintings.  “Making pictures is  endlessly challenging," he says. "It is a process of problem solving, where  the rules are somewhat elusive.  Then there comes a moment of magic when  the problems evaporate and everything comes together on the canvas.” 

Doug Cosbie paints in the distinct style of AY Jackson. He  drives throughout the Ottawa Valley and Gatineau Hills with his  paint set at his side, exploring and searching for a wonderful painting  spot, then creating en plein air, “the better to imbue the finished work with  the truth of the light, the breeze, the ever changing play of colours in the scene.” He has exhibited for over 35 years and his works are found in public  and private collections around the world including: Queen's Park, Toronto; the  Canadian Embassy in Beijing; the Herald College of Arms, London, England and  in the private holdings of the late Cecil H. Greene, founder of Texas  Instruments. In 2002 Cosbie was awarded the Gold Medal of Queen Elizabeth II  by the Governor General of Canada for "his significant contribution to  Canada.”