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Kristy Gordon 2013

Tuesday September 17th, 2013 to
Sunday October 13th, 2013


Thu Sep 19th, 2013 — 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Kristy Gordon
Beautiful & Dangerous

Ottawa Citizen review Sept. 2013
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine USA Nov. 2013

In her new show at Cube Gallery, Canadian artist  Kristy Gordon turns her frank, unwavering but never unkind eye upon New York City.  Already internationally recognized at the age of 33, Gordon successfully  finished a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the New York Academy of Art earlier this year. Her work in NYC reflects artistic growth which can only be  described as explosive, amplified, narrative and monumental; but still very personal, intimate and sensitive.  
"Kristy's oeuvre ranges  from portraits and self-portraits to experimental paintings. She demonstrates surprising maturity and skill for a young artist," says Cube  curator Don Monet. "Her painstaking attention to detail and technique still  manages to surprise. Yet the intimacy she expresses in every single  painting remains classic Kristy Gordon."

This show marks the end of a  busy year  for Gordon: she was recently named a finalist for the Kingston Prize, Canada's national  portrait competition; one of the paintings in  the  upcoming Cube Gallery show,  "Self-Portrait  with  Batman," received an Award of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America; she will be featured in an article in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine's "Three to Watch" in November/December and she was one of the artists chosen to paint a panel in the National Mural Mosaic project for the 2013 Canada Summer Games.  

Kristy  Gordon has been a full-time painter since 2004, exhibiting her work  internationally and earning numerous awards including the Elizabeth  Greenshields Foundation Grant, a Merit Award from Daniel Greene in the Salon International 2009, third  prize at the Portrait Society of Canada International Portrait Competition, Best of Show in the National Art Premier, Illinois as well as being  named Top Finalist in the Art Renewal Center's  International 2008/2009 ARC Salon.

Her paintings  are held in collections and galleries around the world and she has been widely  featured in numerous magazines, art publications, radio and television  shows.

"My paintings investigate the sensation of moving through the unknown,” she says. “They explore the idea of remaining buoyant through  transitional periods and often depict creatures that create their own light.   They embody the idea that one must create one's own light to stay positive through these in-limbo periods.  My paintings explore bipolar  oppositions such as light and dark, soft and hard edges, the beautiful and the  dangerous.”

Kristy's statements about two key pieces in the show.

"Explosion," is like a burst of potential  energy.   It captures a moment of extreme  movement as well as a  strange stillness, like the  slowing down of time one is said to  feel in near  death experiences.  It shows the powerful   energy behind potential. Moments before the  explosion one  would have seen nothing, but then in a  flash, all the potential  that was within it explodes  into fruition.  I think for me  "Explosion" is  about endings and beginnings.  I was even   considering the title "Ending/Beginning".  It  came  about from a big ol' ending in my life, but was  a recognition that  endings bring new beginnings  (destruction/creation, that sorta  thing - gotta let  the old burn to let the new in).

"Jellyfish" is directly related to the   explosion painting, explosive and also quiet.   For  "Jellyfish" I was thinking about the  phenomenological experience  of moving through the  unknown.  The central Jellyfish to me   represents the idea of maintaining focus on where  one wants  to go, so that out of the confusion comes  resolution.  Both  of these paintings embody the  idea of potential".

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