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MaryAnn Camps

Tuesday June 11th, 2013 to
Sunday June 30th, 2013


Thu Jun 13th, 2013 — 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

'Street Light' continues MaryAnn's exploration of the city at night, zooming in from outer space to street level. It reveals the paradoxical beauty of our brilliantly-lit cities while asking how we can make them more vibrant, sustainable and ultimately more healthy.
The city is a complex organism, with the streets its veins and arteries. Street level is our level where we interact with the city, how we move through it, where we take its pulse. At street level, we feel the effects of what we've built, what works and what doesn't.  At night, the street feels completely different. What we see is defined by artificial light. How it feels is determined by the quality of that light: warm and inviting or harsh, glaring, too bright.

In 'Street Light’ people are defined by the light and dazzle of the city night. Subtle light spills from some windows, blinding glare blasts from others; diffused glow from some street lights, harsh light from others. It can be colourful, flashing, clashing, glittering signs layered with traffic lights and light from traffic. How we light our cities has a tremendous impact on how we feel about being there.
MaryAnn Camps works with a palette knife to build up multiple, rich layers of acrylic, emphasizing the energy, movement and vibration of human activity.  Her influences include Edward Burtynsky, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Janet Cardiff.
There will be a special Artist’s Talk and Question and Answer session on
Sunday, June 23 at 2:00pm.


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