Cube Gallery

Eric Walker

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011 to
Sunday August 28th, 2011


Sun Aug 7th, 2011 — 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Twenty years  ago, Eric Walker helped ignite a post-modern revolution in painting that  resonates with young artists to this day. “My work, so far as I  understand it, speaks to modernist art practice, through an extra-traditional approach to painting,” Walker says. “I pull content from popular cultural  forms like documentary photography, maps and satellite imagery. My interest  lies in forwarding the language of painting by re-imagining how painting can express meaning through the re-construction of elements within formal parameters.”

One of the most respected artists of his generation,  Walker is a native of Halifax and graduate of the prestigious Nova Scotia  College of Art and Design. Since beginning his studio practice in 1983, he has received senior artist awards from the Canada Council (twice), the Ontario  Arts Council (twice), the Conseil des arts et des lettres de Quebec and the  City of Ottawa. Walker’s work is widely collected both privately and in public  holdings such as the Beaverbrook Gallery, the Department of Foreign Affairs  and International Trade, Canada Council Art Bank, the Art Gallery of Nova  Scotia, The Rooms, Redpath (private), the Owens Art Gallery, Dalhousie  University Art Gallery, Carleton University Art Gallery and the City of Ottawa.

“Eric Walker’s work prompts a lively focus of interest and debate among curators and collectors,” says Cube Gallery curator Don Monet.  “His constructed pieces involve the  viewer in the larger question, what is painting? There is a strong collage element to his paintings that challenge the viewer to ponder whether the  image represented justifies the genre of painting. But if Eric uses his material as paint -- then what is it, but a painting?  I think that painting is the application of some found or mixed colour - via brush, knife or even, (as in Erics case), the razor blade, tin snips and the hammer. Witness the sinewy lines he manages to tease out of tin, and the Cloisonnism of the tiny buildings from above, bold and flat forms separated by dark contours. These are truly paintings of subtext and also semiotics, but also of aesthetics, care and purpose”.
Walker enjoys this dialogue and debate about his art. “My painted constructions have been both embraced by some as a new approach and  rejected by others as non-painting. My goal is to keep expanding the idea.”  Nonetheless, Eric Walker’s works delight the eye in ways other conceptual art works do not. He acknowledges many artists as influences, but particularly  painter Paterson Ewen and photographer Robert Frank, artists he met while  studying at NSCAD.

Eric Walker’s work has been shown across Canada and internationally, including a solo show at the Canadian Embassy Art Gallery,  Tokyo in 2004. Many of his works have been purchased by the Department of  Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2006 and are on display at embassies and consulates in Europe and the United States.

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