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Joe Fafard & Russell Yuristy Vernissage

Sunday October 21st, 2012
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Yuristy gets the walls; Fafard does the floors in epic show at Cube Gallery

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They are allies, champions of art and fast friends in spite of a geographic divide of several thousand miles.
In October, two lions of the Canadian art world – Joe Fafard and Russell Yuristy -- will share the embrace of a combined show at Cube Gallery in Ottawa.

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For images from Russell's collection that will appear at Cube CLICK HERE.

There will be an opening Vernissage on Oct. 21, between 1 - 5pm.  Russell will be in attendance and he will deliver a short talk about this show at 2pm.  Sorry but Joe will not be able to make it in for this Vernissage.

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“Russ gets the walls, I do the floor,” is how internationally acclaimed sculptor Joe Fafard defined the upcoming show with long-time pal and equally renowned artist, Russell Yuristy.  Fafard and Yuristy have known each other since the summer of 1968 when the two were art instructors at the University of Saskatchewan Regina campus. Yuristy now calls Ottawa home while Fafard lives in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.  Decades later, the two prairie natives also share space in Canada’s National Gallery.

Yuristy says his friend Fafard remains, “a true original.”  “I love Joe’s work for its honesty, directness and inventiveness,” says Yuristy. “He shows sensibility for his subjects and creativity in his use of colour and whichever medium – clay, ink, paint, bronze, or steel – he chooses.  His admiration for certain artists and their influence on him is clear – like Van Gogh, Cézanne and others – but this is used to help him find his own way.  Joe is unique in contemporary art for his energy and for following his own passion, rather than the fad and fashions of the art business.”

Fafard says Yuristy’s work continues to “move and inspire” him.  “It is not easy to say why one likes such and such an artwork,” Fafard says. “But, when a work moves you, you know it.  It is akin to a feeling of love.  In Russ’ work, I can point to spontaneity, freshness, intensity, innocence, fearlessness and commitment as the ingredients that radiate from his paintings. It is a total aesthetic experience for me to look at Russ’s work.  That is why I always have some of his work around, in my home and my studio.”

Cube Gallery curator, Don Monet, recognized the bond between the two and knew it would translate into an “epic” combined show.  “I visited Joe’s retrospective at the National Gallery in 2008 and saw his wonderful sculpture of Russell,” Monet says. “These two artists are so very strongly tied – to the land, to the prairie, to ecology, to their process – and of course to each other. However they both had very different types of work. In the gallery setting Joe literally takes the floor with his sculpture while Russ owns the walls with his prints and paintings.”

Fafard & Yuristy, together at Cube Gallery, from October 16 to Dec. 2, 2012

For information on this show, or to schedule a private viewing, please call Don at Cube Gallery 613-728-1750. exceedingly rare opportunity to savour sculptures from one of Canada’s favourite artists.

Both artists capture the very essence of animals, whether wild or domestic.  These animals could, if given the chance, easily devour the soulless beasts inhabiting the shopping-mall prints of Robert Bateman.

Fafard’s cows, horses, and wolves are celebrated by many Canadians who consider those animals national treasures.

Paul Gessell “Buddy System” Ottawa Magazine , Oct. 2012

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