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Susan Ukkola

Since graduating from the Ottawa School of Art in 1994, Susan has exhibited extensively in juried shows throughout the National Capital Region. Her work has also been recognized with numerous awards.

A member of Ottawa Mixed Media Artists her art involves fusing a thick, translucent layer of beeswax to a milk paint-primed panel. She then scrapes away some areas to reveal underlying nuances, scars or “beauty marks,” sometimes enhancing those emerging surfaces with collage. "I work spontaneously, intuitively allowing the work to evolve as it will." Susan asls says of her work, "these paintings are a mixture of light-hearted and dead-serious themes.

Her transparent layers of encaustic or bee’s wax painting reveal traces of what went before, the pentimento. Pentimento is an art term that describes the presence or emergence of earlier images, forms, or strokes that have been changed and painted over. This ability to "see through", to reveal cuts and scrapes, both good and bad, parallels the complexity and the beauty of life and relationships."

Price Range: $225 - $1,400