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Peter Monet

Peter Monet uses acrylics, enamels, oil pastels and wax crayons to create what he interchangeably calls “psychedelic abstract expressionism,” or “pointlessism.”

His works can be bold, intense fusions of texture and bright colours, or more softly-hued but equally tactile pieces inviting both touch and close scrutiny.

Monet, a film and television producer by training, says, “My work is a by-product of a couple of decades of working with television pixels. From a distance it can look like a blur of colour. It is best appreciated at extreme close-up to experience the texture and minute detailing.”

Monet has shown his “Myopic Art” at the Cube Gallery in Ottawa, and had his first solo show at the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s Fritzi Gallery in January, 2010.

Price Range: $400 - $4,000