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Karina Kraenzle

See Images from Karina's solo show at Cube Gallery: BLOOM

Karina Kraenzle began her studies in photography in 1989 at the San Francisco Art Institute. She currently combines various media with original and found photography. Her subject matter, more often than not, is photography itself – its relationship to time and memory, and its unique ability to construct certain fictions and uncertain truths.

Karina Kraenzle produces thoughtful, complicated but always compelling art. Karina somehow manages to break down the beauty industry by producing eerily beautiful works from their detritus.

With almost painterly qualities Karina is essentially a photo-based artist. Her most recent pieces employ found photographs from the advertising world, that are reworked in various ways on an acrylic medium. Karina lives and works in Ottawa.

Artist Statement

We’re here and then we're gone — our presence in a fast-paced, technology-driven world appears to us to be more fleeting than ever. And many of the images that we see around us reflect that perspective on our existence. I combine media in ways that are meant to address these issues of flux and loss, and the ways in which we seek to preserve time and record our presence — thereby helplessly confirming our absence.

Price Range: $800 - $3,000