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Julie St-Amand

Julie St-Amand’s art takes form and unfolds around urban architectural landscapes.

She is constantly inspired by the passing of time and the force of weather and how they transform exterior materials or mark the surfaces of buildings, boats, bridges and trains. 

“All of these marks and patterns of wear convey to me a sense of mystery,” she says. “In that mysterious way, the city never ceases to renew itself and inspire my painting practice.

St-Amand works with encaustic, allowing her to play between the layers of paint as well as the representation of the urban landscape.

“By working with wax I can recreate the physical and chemical effects of the force of nature on canvas. I can inflict these amazing transformations on the surface of the canvas, just like those inflicted by time and weather on the city.”

St-Amand replicates these transformations by “wearing out the surface” of her painting through the constant use of brush strokes, friction, rubbing, washing and scraping the surface.

“This constant working of the canvas and materials she is using results in a mature and reflective quality to her art,” says Cube curator Don Monet. “She is literally working and re-working the tensions, the forms and the surface of the painting to extract the architectural lines and allow the painting to emerge.”

Price Range: $400-$3,000