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Greg Ludlow

Greg Ludlow’s paintings are an exploration of his desire to describe the human condition. “Unity on many levels is a prevalent theme in my work,” he says. “A number of works in my Union Series pay homage to the importance of pairing and the inherent challenges of human relationships. I also address failure and regret quite directly.”

Ludlow’s paintings are rife with metaphors in the form roller coasters, juggling, spinning plates and bowling to denote life experiences and the pace of daily activity. Trophies, paper unfolding or interconnected gears are also used symbolically while grids suggest the passage of time. His work speaks to the activities, good fortune and bad, that we encounter in our lives with a subtext of patience, frustration, and optimism.

Greg Ludlow lives, paints and teaches in London, ON. His work has focused on painting and mixed media for over thirty years, but Ludlow has also exhibited sculpture, installations and video. He received his MFA from NSCAD and has exhibited across Canada in group and one person exhibitions. Ludlow has taught at NSCAD, Western University and is currently the coordinator of painting at Bealart. He has been a guest speaker at many colleges, universities and art museums and his work is represented in public and private collections in Canada and the United States.


Price Range: $500 - $8,000