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D. H. Monet

Don Harrington Monet is an Ottawa artist, curator and activist. He concentrates his studio efforts toward landscape, photo-collage and found-object paintings.

In his practice he uses photo-collage and acrylic paint to build “paintings” that reflect both family travel photos and iconic landscape painting. The works have been produced on wood panel and birch with a varnish overcoat. He rarely employ a model; "I rather utilize my own familiar geography and family as subjects. Similar to holiday snaps – these mementos are reflections of the days of my own life and family." His motifs are fractured representations of everyday interactions. Sometimes the most mundane moments, playing scrabble, dipping a paddle in the water become at once banal and magnificent.   Similar to a film makers location photography, he takes a series of connected  photographs and lays them out to create the "scene". He then use traditional landscape techniques in acrylic to unify the fractured photographs. Trompe l'oeil in part, but not completely, the end result is more “painting” than “photography”. The viewer can readily see the edges of transition, the margins between paint and photo.

Owner of Cube Gallery, Ottawa, now in its 14th year, he has organized dozens of thematic group exhibitions and solo shows featuring Ottawa and National visual artists, musicians, actors and dancers. He has taught culture, communications, ethics, and audience research courses (sessional) at the University of Ottawa, and cartoon and art classes to children at the National Gallery, and several elementary schools. Much of his work is informed by the 13 years he lived and worked with the Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en peoples in Northern B.C. In 1992 he published a Canadian classic: "Colonialism on Trial", a graphic documentary following the Delgam Uukw court action of 87-91. 

Price Range: $500 - $4,000