Cube Gallery

Artist Submissions

Send your submissions c/o Cube Gallery
Feel free to pass along to other artists in your circles who you think would be good here.

Please send in your proposal according to the protocols listed below.  You are welcome to submit to more than one show - but please do so in separate emails.  This is important due to the number of submissions we receive and in the difficulty of keeping track of each one.  
~ Proposals for each submission should be in the form of a link to an html site OR as attached jpgs(please send up to 6 images of a small size - NO high resolutions Tiffs, etc. please, 700 pixel height maximum.)

~ With each separate submission include a one paragraph statement of your proposal for the show as well as a one paragraph biography.   All text should be typed directly into the main body of the e-mail and not attached as a separate file.